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Home Uncategorized DEBKA file: the Boston bombers were double agents, once working for the Saudis

DEBKA file: the Boston bombers were double agents, once working for the Saudis

Published on April 21, 2013, by in Uncategorized.



But there’s yet another Saudi double-agent loose in the United States:


The Saudi Agent Behind ‘Barack Obama’ – Khalid Al Mansour:

Barack Hussein Obama was guided and funded by a Saudi agent in the United States. This was happening since 1979 and perhaps earlier, since the time Barack Obama lived in Hawaii as a teenager.


This agent, Khalid Al Mansour (AKA Donald Warden) was known to the FBI, and was affiliated with the Weather Underground as well, working as a lawyer for the connected group, the Black Panthers.


The same Saudi agent was involved in raising money for Barack Obama through his early career, and also was instrumental in getting Obama accepted into the Harvard Law Review – a key step in Obama’s political rise.


The question naturally arises, from these facts, whether Barack Obama is under Saudi control. The answer it seems, was given when Barack Obama traveled to Saudi Arabia, and visited with the Saudi princes who thus funded Obama’s rise to power. Obama profoundly bowed before the Saudi princes – a gesture which in their culture is an unmistakable announcement of fealty and subservience.

Bowing to Saudi King2



Crazier by the day…

But all the pieces are starting to come together.



Boehner stupid



Michelle Obama: co-Saudi double-agent? Or just double?

I can't breathe


5 Responses

  1. jack

    I think you are True. You are not in the 100 % of people that are kissin’ Obama’s butt…

  2. jack

    I personally wonder if everything you say , perhaps may be true and true…

  3. jack

    like the Nazis and the Communists? were co-operating on the
    war against the Jews { Theoretically , really} !!!!!!… {BUT I’M NOT A RELATIVIST LIKE EINSTEIN’S FIRST WIFE FROM POLAND ? }

  4. Nemesister

    Michele Antoinette? Double as in Double Wide.

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