Shake hands with Michelle Obama! ( — but wear gloves)

h/t: No wig or pop-up ad on an awards show is going to make a silk purse out of this sow.   Rasta Man in-law, John Boehner. Read all about it:

How long before tiny minorities of people like these begin planting explosives and start killing and maiming people — and change, for the rest of us, our entire way of life?

  Naked female protesters claiming to be ‘feminists’ attack Catholic archbishop as he prays quietly     Right.  They’re ‘feminists.’ How about they’re radical leftists, who happen to be lesbians? How about they’re hypocritical radical leftists who happen to be lesbians? — Let’s see them try this on Islamists, in whose culture beating wives … Read more

NO JOKE: John Boehner’s Daughter to Marry Jamaican Pothead Construction Worker With Criminal Record When a limp-dick boozer raises a daughter, the daughter usually ends up marrying another limp-dick boozer. (In this case, a pothead construction worker with a record.)     Ladies and gentlemen, the son-in-law:   h/t If there was ever an illustration of what a loser John Boehner is as a choice for anything … Read more