NO JOKE: John Boehner’s Daughter to Marry Jamaican Pothead Construction Worker With Criminal Record

When a limp-dick boozer raises a daughter, the daughter usually ends up marrying another limp-dick boozer. (In this case, a pothead construction worker with a record.)


Jamaican gold bud


Ladies and gentlemen, the son-in-law:


son in law construction worker


If there was ever an illustration of what a loser John Boehner is as a choice for anything resembling a position of leadership within the GOP in the year 2013, it is this manifestation.



Boehner with rasta hat2



“No, seriously — do you think I can have him killed?

Talk to Obama. I’ll do anything.”

Boehner douche2



The bride: Boehner daughter, Lindsay:

Lyndsey Boehner



with backward gavel