Communist goals that have been met in America, and those that are ongoing (hopefully, this will freak you out)

There is a the noted book called¬† “The Naked Communist,” written in the early 1960s, that revealed not just the Communist plan to take over America, but articulated the goals that Communists believed were necessary for their plan to work.   Below is a partial list from the book. Read it, and see not only … Read more

The University of Connecticuit football logo: a one useful-idiot controversy

  This college ‘guy’ is a rapist?¬†     Then what is this guy?   Or this guy?   Or this guy?

No matter where you stand in the abortion debate…

  …it’s come to this. This was no ‘non-viable embryo.’ This was a live baby. The killing of this kid was murder — and no different than killing a kid with explosives at a marathon. The government-sanctioned killing of countless of American children simply because they are born alive, is genocide. The debate over abortion … Read more