Boehner was ready to sell us out again

  This is the a-hole who is going to hand Crazy Nancy Pelosi the Speaker position in 2014: Boenher attempts to shill yet again for Obama, this time against the 2nd Amendment; changes tune when he gets caught:     DESTROY THE GOP RINO CABAL BY $TARVING THE GOP. THEN REBUILD.  IT’S OUR ONLY … Read more

Is Rubio drinking water — or is he drinking RINO Kool-Aid?

    “Marco McCain?”   We’re about to find out.   Rubio Outlines Plan Giving 12 Million Illegals Legal Status; Shades of Obamacare — Massive 1,500 Page Bill to be Released Only One Day Before Hearing     “I know something about Rubio you don’t know…” -Sleazeball democrat and John McCain buddy Charles … Read more