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No matter where you stand in the abortion debate…

Published on April 27, 2013, by in Uncategorized.


…it’s come to this.

This was no ‘non-viable embryo.’ This was a live baby. The killing of this kid was murder — and no different than killing a kid with explosives at a marathon.

Baby boy b

The government-sanctioned killing of countless of American children simply because they are born alive, is genocide. The debate over abortion is irrelevant. This was a child alive outside of the womb, who was killed for the convenience of the mother, perhaps for financial reasons. The killing was no less a murder than a Mafia hit for financial reasons. This kid was murdered no differently than a person of any age having an axe smashed on the back of their head.


Left tolerated, our government will now in fact be legalizing the murder of citizens…because of their age.


Now imagine what Barack Obama and his insane czars with death panels have in store for the rest of us, when the reality of the impossible costs of Obamacare become clear. (As if they weren’t when the 2,700 page law was secretly written and voted upon, unread.) Considering the killing of a live child for simple financial convenience is now legal in America, what will stop the government from killing you if you get an illness that is, in their opinion, too expensive to treat? Will you have the political connections to get an Obamacare bureaucrat to put you ahead far enough in the line for treatment so that you’ll survive? This is what our country is coming to in 2014, when Obamacare kicks in full force. You will have protected yourself later by protecting an inconveniently newborn child now. Your ‘government’ is now an entity above and beyond you, ‘the people,’ run by an elite, corrupt few at the top. (You never expected to hear that when you woke up this morning, did you?)


Think about the bizarre irony of radical leftist lesbians rabidly defending abortion — when they will never in their lives need one.* These people are warped, and they are becoming violent. They fear and bow to only one group of people: radical Islamists, who might otherwise slaughter them. So there must be something else going on behind their efforts, and with this strange alliance. You think?


(You’ll never find out by watching television news.)

*We suggest you visit the website, “The birds and the bees – telling the truth,” for a full discussion of why lesbians cannot be made pregnant by each other:


The mildly-skilled, but highly-impassioned graphic artists at The Fine Report present:




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  3. Jerry Manderin

    Live by the sword…die by the sword.

    The Left will face their reckoning.

  4. Metro

    You must like getting hate mail.

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