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This is absolutely @#$%ing amazing

Published on April 22, 2013, by in Uncategorized.


This is an authentic, undoctored photograph of the murderous Nikolai Yezhov, Chairman of the Soviet Secret Police (NKVD) in the late 1930’s, under the equally murderous dictator Joseph Stalin. Stalin suspected Yezhov of being a homosexual and subsequently had Yezhov — and countless other homosexuals — murdered merely because of their homosexuality.


Utterly amazing:

Nikolai Yezhov (Chairman of the NKVD



Nikolai Yezhov crushes the traitors in
a Soviet propaganda cartoon.


Read about leftist dictator Joseph Stalin’s murder of tens of millions of ordinary Russian citizens:


— Then wonder why so many ‘liberals’ in the U.S. support this monster.


(And we’ve been giving Obama a Hitler moustache?)

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