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Why we must fight

Published on April 20, 2013, by in Uncategorized.

While most Americans — including our own president and his corrupt dead-head at the top of DHS — did not know about the terror threat presented by Chechen Islamists, a lot of us not drinking the Democrat/union/media/education Kool-Aid already did. You saw what they did to children and innocent bystanders at the Boston Marathon bombing. Take a look at what they do to their prisoners of war.


This is the torture and eventual beheading of a captured Russian prisoner at the hands of Chechen Islamists — proudly videotaped by them. It is but one of a series to be shown here, covered-up by the thoroughly corrupted ‘news’ media in our country.


Chuck todd denial


“So what? We do dat too. That’s what Kim said.

He also said I have impeccable taste.”

Dennis Rodman blue hair


“They had to cut his head off to see what was in it.”

Pelosi no teeth close up




“Don’t bother me, I’m busy.”



The truth hurts.

But lies will get you killed.

Murdered Lybian ambassador Chris Stevens

-US Ambassador Craig Stevens, who along with four US Navy Seals, was murdered because of former Secretary of Inebriation Hillary Clinton’s bull@#$% and incompetence.


Hillary Clinton tired oops


2 Responses

  1. toronto psychologist

    Be thankful for this web site.

  2. Jerry Manderin

    I could only get into 3 seconds of that. I hope Putin has a field day with those demons.

    Hard truth.

    Truth needs to be told. Thank you Fine Report.

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