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With the publication of Barack Obama picking his nose up to the second joint of his finger at a press conference, the discovery of a transcript between then U.S. Secretary of State Henry Kissinger, and China’s Communist Party Chairman Mao-tse Dung (the greast mass murder in history: he killed 90 million people) circa 1972, has created world-wide panic among people who have shaken Obama’s hand:


The world-record public nose-pick, to the index finger’s proximal inter-phalangeal joint:


The transcript:
Mao: There is an ancient Chinese proverb, Mr. Kissinger: ‘Never touch the finger of a man who picks his nose in public. Because even a fool knows what he must doing with it in private.’
Kissinger: Why are you telling me this?
Mao: One day you will see.  I have two more words for you.
Kissinger: Yes?
Mao: Anita Dunn.
Kissinger: Who is that?
Mao: One day you will see.



Victims, throughout the globe:



Hand santizer stocks soar on news:




There were some who discovered the threat, but too late:



There is only one public figure known to remain unfazed:


– “Usually when I see him, I’m blitzed anyway.”  U.S. Secretary of Inebriation, Hillary Clinton



Revelation of the transcript has finally shed light on the mystery why Michelle Obama did not shake her husband’s hand on victory night.


 – “Don’t even think about it, Barack. You’re lucky you’re getting a knuckle.”


And finally, ‘Anita Dunn,’ Obama’s White House Communication Director, resigning in disgrace upon admitting her political hero is the greatest mass murderer in history: Mao-tse Dung. Here is the video of her statement:


The story, in print:



Who was Mao-tse Dung, and why did Anita Dunn resign after she publicly admitted he is her political heros?


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