Some fun, for the rest of us

If Matt brags on his website ( about his stats,  then who the hell are we not to?


OUR FIRST WEEK, April 22 – 29, 2012



(All robots/spiders/bots — though one person actually did visit, but then pleaded with us for that part of his life back – so we gave it to him.)






“Me, again!  And I’m still sick! See, up here, we live to 900 of your Earth years. When one of use gets a cold, it lasts for 8 months. (Don’t even ask what happens when one of us eats bad sushi.) But nonetheless, The Fine Point Report has kept me entertained as well as informed of what’s really going on, on Earth. I did get a laugh at yet another of your scientists trying to debunk Einstein’s Theory of Relativity – trust me, long ago we discovered nothing is faster than the speed of light. Nothing even gets close,  except, I noticed, the movement of the American race-baiter Al Shaprton towards a TV camera — and oddly, the TV cameras towards him.  That whole race thing is so stupid. I mean, take me: my mother was blue and my father was yellow, so I turned out green. No big deal up here. We vaporized race-baiters long ago.  And why is Saturday Night Live no longer funny since Barack Obama was elected president of the U.S.?  The shows up here making fun of him are hysterical! Hey, one more thing: I don’t get those on-going jokes about Barack Obama picking his ‘nose.’ What is a ‘nose?'”



For our little friend’s first visit to The Fine Report, see:

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