Helping Crazy James Carville understand ‘inhumane Hillary Clinton haters’


Said Carville:

 “I have no idea what it is about Hillary Clinton that drives them to this kind of inhumane idiotic behaving state.”


Let us help you, baldy:  for starters, she has been and always will be a corrupt fraud who is continually surrounded by scandal, and is as great a media contrivance as ‘Barack Obama.’  Worse, she is now complicit in helping to destroy the prestige of the United States, handing over Egypt and Libya to the Muslim Brotherhood, wrecking our relations with Russia, and is responsible for the murder of a U.S. Ambassador and the deaths of the Navy Seals trying to save him.


And, she is a very public, sloppy drunk.



Carvile edited



For example:


Here’s another one:

Clinton faces surgery after fracturing arm in a “fall”

Idiot drunk secy of state