Hope this ruins your Sunday — but wakes you the @#$% up:

Obama nazi swastika

Herr Obama and his fellow travelers have done a pretty good job of dividing the nation by race, class, socio-economic background and general all-around hatred.


It’s hard to believe a lot of the people who are following this lunatic to the point of no return really are actually doing so. (See “Germany, 1932.”) It’s just as hard to believe how dense the GOP is in realizing who they’re dealing with. But this lunatic is going to take us to the point of no return. And the clueless, characterless, talentless GOP hacks now in control of the party are going to let him.


So get ready: a relentless fascist push by Obama and his followers  is coming. It’s going to come fast, and it’s going to be too shocking for most people to realize its reality until after it has come to pass.


It’ll start something like this: SEIU goons, Al Shaprton goons and other political goons will see to it that chaos fills the streets. But maybe Obama will first order gun confiscation, and seek to fuel an insurrection. The DHS will come to the ‘rescue’ with its armored trucks and its armed drones now flying over our cities , and Obama’s newly — and bizarrely — heavily-armed federal workers in odd departments like Education, Agriculture, etc. who have only recently been strangely armed with hundreds of millions of new bullets — will join in. And remember Obama’s “Internet kill switch?” — It’ll be thrown. At the same time, MSNBC, CBS, ABC, NBC and the New York Times will have followed marching orders and will have broadcasted propaganda about the value and necessity of martial law at this point, backed up by the usual Hollywood and celebrity idiots (led by Bruce Springsteen?). With the Internet down, those networks will be the only information you will have. Once marital law comes, it’s here forever. You can kiss goodbye the Constitution and all the protections from tyranny it has long afforded you.


What is going to transpire these next four years will become ugly, infamous history. You’ll be as stunned as people in the Soviet Union or Nazi Germany who were carted away for their political and religious beliefs. (It’s more likely that you and/or your friends and/or loved ones will be the cartees.) Then you’ll see that the crazy Obama czars who so openly bragged about their Communism (Van Jones) or their Maoism (Anita Dunn) or the idea of genocide (Mark Lloyd, John Holdren) meant what they said. Maybe Obama even has a spot for Colon Powell in all this — quickly appointing him head of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, to avoid a military coup.


This is not hyperbole — the writing is on the wall. Don’t ignore it, because all we have is the House — and John Boehner and the IDIOTS behind him are guaranteed to @#$% it up and lose it to the Democrats in 2014. Then, Obama will have a monopoly of power, having stacked the Supreme Court with Kagan and Sotomayor, and having long ago intimidated the cowardly John Roberts.


Remember how hysterical the left was in accusing George Bush of being a fascist? It’s no doubt they were projecting themselves — what they would do if they held power.


We have one last shot against this power-drunk lunatic — and the House of Representatives is it.


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