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It’s Saturday Night Live at the Democrat Convention: “We’ll be funny again!”

Published on September 2, 2012, by in Uncategorized.


The show has been suspiciously unfunny for the past 3 1/2 years. (Obama is simply not funny. The first un-funny president — another Obama first).

But now Saturday Night Live has announced:


“Now that it looks like Obama is out,  we’re going to be funny again! — And we’re going to premiere at the Democrat Convention!”


Starring the Democrat All-Start police speaker line-up:


Former president Jimmy “I’m no longer the worst president in history” Carter!


Former president — and everybody’s favorite accused rapist and sexual harasser– Bill Clinton!


Former RINO Republican Governor of Florida Charlie “Benedict Arnold!” Crist!


U.S. Senator Dick “Turban” Durbin of Illinois!


Chicago Mayor Rahm “30 shootings a day, and I happen to be gay” Emanuel!


America’s Least-sexy Slut and Law School Graduate (that’s it?) Sandra “What the @#$% am I doing here?” Fluck


Congressman Barney “Housing Crisis” Frank of Massachusetts!


DCCC (huh?) Chairman Congressman Steve “Chosen for my name” Israel of New York!


Montana State Superintendent of Public Instruction (huh?)  Denise Juneau!


Lieutenant General Claudia “Also chosen only for my name”  Kennedy!


Congresswoman Barbara “Left of left” Lee of California!


Caroline “Obama’s such a liar!” Kennedy! (also chosen for her name; aka “Mumbles Caroline”)


U.S. Senator John “I lied about my medals!” Kerry of Massachusetts!


Obama Campaign Co-Chair Eva “Brains of the Operation” Longoria, making fun of Mitt Romney with her ’empty bra’ routine!


U.S. Senator Barbara Mikulski of Maryland, together with the women of the U.S. Senate! (Is that a chorus? — Are they going to sing?)


House Democrat Leader Crazy Nancy Pelosi and her Band of Fools!


Senate Majority Leader Harry “I’m somehow worth $10 million”” Reid of Nevada!


U.S. Senator Charles “Chuck you” Schumer of New York!


Obamacare Reichsfuhrer Kathleen Sebelius!


Failed Los Angeles Mayor, and Democratic Convention Chair ( — “Chair?” Can you say, Eastwood, Part II?) Antonio “Failure” Villaraigosa!


Senate candidate and 1/32nd Jeep Cherokee from Massachusetts Crazy Elizabeth Warren!


Failed DNC Chair Congresswoman Debbie Whatshername Schultz!


Not speaking, but remaining in her four seats, First Glutton Michelle “@#$%” Obama!


Also not speaking, but present in the audience, Al “Da white man did all dat” Sharpton!


And special guest host, Barack “Insane Hussein” Obama!


Featuring the the guest Late Night Jimmy Fallon band, honoring all the ladies, with their favorite song, “Lying Ass Bitch!”



 With biased coverage brought to you by one of America’s greatest corrupt douches, George “I’m not biased – I’m George!” Stephanopoulos!




“BWAAAA-HAAAAAAA!!!! What a bunch of GOP idiots!”




“Uh? Whattaya mean, that’s the Democrat line-up?!…

I think I need to sit down. Where are all the chairs?”





The conveniently unfunny ‘Saturday Night Live’ Obama-imitator and complete sell-out, Fred Armisen ponders his future:


“Maybe Romney is 1/32nd black…”





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