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Barry Fudd-Democrat profit party

Published on February 15, 2013, by in Uncategorized.


Curious how the leftists around President Fudd are raking in the dough — incestously:


Fudd ass-wiper Warren Buffett buys John ‘Lurch’ Kerry’s wife’s company:



Fudd puppet-master George Soros makes $1 BILLION since NOVEMBER manipulating currency:



‘Lurch’ Kerry makes almost $1 million from Buffett’s purchase of his wife’s inherited company:



Dianne Feinstein’s husband gets rich from Dianne Feinstein’s position as a US Senator:



Nancy Pelosi’s husband gets rich from Nancy Pelosi’s position as House Speaker:



‘Lurch’ Kerry cheats on taxes:



Candycow Crowley gets even fatter corrupting the news:

 “I was going to say ‘wink-wink.’
But coming from me, shouldn’t it be ‘oink-oink?'”

Candy Crowley cropped

-Corrupt ‘news’ network CNN’s equally corrupt Candycow Crowley



“Uh… I’m only supposed to care about this kind of stuff if, uh, they’re taking away my birth control pills, right?”


-Clown Al Franken (prior to other clowns electing him to the U.S. Senate, to be one of the top 100 law-makers in the nation).

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