Questions Grade School Kids Ask Michelle Obama When She Comes to Their School and Annoys Them:


“How come your husband shows up for work at 10AM and goes home at 2PM and my parents have to work all day? “
“How come your husband gets to play golf so many times when my Dad can’t, and he’s his own boss? “
“How come you take so many vacations, when you don’t even have a job? “
“How come you keep telling us to eat vegetables, but you get to eat all that fattening crap we always see you with in pictures? “
“How come you tell everybody how to eat, but your ass is so gigantic? “


“Who’s dumber, your husband or Hillary Clinton?”
“How come you keep coming to our school and bugging us? “


“Your husband is always on David Letterman. Is he a clown, or do you have another husband who is president?”
“Is your husband one of those “Tommy has two daddies” guys? “


You have a husband?”
“I love the Bears. You’re as big a one. “
“How come your husband’s grades are secret, and mine are all over the school website?“
“What’s a hippo-crite?”
“Why do they call you ‘Moo-chelle?’”
“How come your husband can’t talk without looking at that stupid-looking music-stand thing on each side of him? “
“How come your husband doesn’t sing or dance any more, like he did on Ellen’s show?  Has he quit being a minstrel?“


“How come you don’t talk to Oprah anymore after she put you in the White House? “

“Fat lady, when do you sing?  Hey fat lady, come back — we have more questions!”