Boehner von Hindenburg to Obama: “We want you to succeed.”

  The official White House lawn jockey and Boozer of the House speaks:   “This is your moment — we want you to succeed.”   It is time for the GOP House majority to fire this asshole. Says Mark Levin: “We conservatives, we do not accept bipartisanship in the pursuit of tyranny. Period. … Read more

Someone with the ‘right stuff’ is coming.

  We don’t yet know the name. Nor do we yet know the face. But somewhere, someplace, someone with the ‘right stuff’ is preparing.   And be sure of one thing: he or she will be coming. They will lead the way.   Be sure you follow.   -American general and World War II hero, … Read more

BREAKING: Boehner Would Accept New Revenue Under ’Right Conditions’   John Boehner would accept King Kong’s dick up his @#$% under the right conditions.     “I’d want flowers. An ‘I adore you’ would be nice. But no other monkeying around.” h/t: Chris     The Mighty Kong:

The United States of Stupid wins a Pyrrihc victory

The citizens of the United States of Stupid have won a Pyrrhic victory.   For you Barack Obama and Elizabeth Warren voters, a Pyrrhic victory  is a victory with a devastating cost. Someone who wins a “Pyrrhic victory” has been victorious in some way, but the heavy toll their victory will take upon them will … Read more