1941: Purge of the Red Army. 2012: Purge of the American army.

  Purge of the Red Army, 1941:   Between October 1940 and February 1942, the impending start of the German invasion in June 1941 notwithstanding, the Red Army, in particular the Soviet Air Force, as well as Soviet military-related industries were decapitated by repressions once again. After a pause in mass repressions after the Great … Read more

The GOP leadership tries to figure out their own incompentence:

  Time to get rid of the hopeless and corrupt losers in the GOP leadership and replace them with the GOP young bucks elected to Congress in 2010:   Republicans weigh how to broaden base, without resorting to ‘gifts’ http://www.foxnews.com/politics/2012/11/15/republicans-weigh-broaden-base/     “On my solemn oath as House Squeaker: I swear  to lead you to … Read more

And you called Ron Paul ‘crazy?’

  Ron Paul: Internet is the alternative to ‘government media complex’ that controls the news The internet will provide the alternative to the government media complex that controls the news and most political propaganda,” Paul stated. “This is why it’s essential that the Internet remains free of government regulation.” http://washingtonexaminer.com/ron-paul-internet-is-the-alternative-to-government-media-complex-that-controls-the-news/article/2513484   Now, do you remember … Read more

Another loser tells the GOP how to win: Scott Brown

Republican Sen. Scott Brown of Massachusetts, the only incumbent senator to lose re-election this fall, is urging the GOP to make a stronger push for support from women, minorities and moderates like himself. Brown says moderates such as himself and retiring GOP Sen. Olympia Snowe of Maine are a vanishing breed in Washington.   He’s … Read more

The corrupt, leftist BBC compliantly joins the Obama-media’s attack on David Patraeus to stifle his Congressional testimony about Obama’s and Clinton’s outrageous incompetence

So they come up with this non-story:    BBC: Petraeus affair: Why the cult of the American general? http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/magazine-20317910     Wha?…  So who are these generals, lauded by the British, through the ages? —   For more on the ‘cult’ of British generals, see: Top 10 British Generals, 1700 – 1945     See … Read more