MSNBC savages John McCain because of his age and his race for his opposition to disgraced Obama-idiot, Susan Rice

MSNBC’s Tour√© Savages ‘Old, White’ McCain For Opposing Susan Rice, ‘Bitter’ Over His ’08 Loss     Something to remember: ¬† MSNBC is made possible by your tax dollars, via it’s owner, General Electric — which is beholden to the Obama administration, raking in vast sums of money from its government contracts. Knowing this, why … Read more

Latest democrat propaganda scam: House committee chairs are “all men”

Via the democrat propaganda-arm,   House committee chairs are ‘all men:’   (We don’t know how they can conclude that, considering the people on the committee purportedly being ‘men’ are all hacks in the GOP establishment.)     The GOP’s new face of their opposition to the Obama radical-left agenda, Lindsay Graham:   … Read more