It’s about @#$%ing time!

    Support these people. They’ve got your back. Unlike Boehner and Cantor, they won’t stick a knife in it.   After 20 years as an under-performing, corrupt, backstabbing hack, it’s time to send John Boehner back to wherever the hell he came from — and  have him take Eric Cantor with him.   Conservative … Read more

And you thought Obama was incompetent?

Boehner, Cantor, Preibus: clueless — absolutely clueless.   (Are you still willing to put your future in the hands of these three failures? — Or will you demand their resignations?)     Nice guys (maybe), but in over their heads.

Something you need to think about

Who is the bigger fool:   1- An Obama voter/donor.   2- A GOP voter/donor, who  — despite the outrageous incompetence of the GOP leadership and the treason against them by the very people they voted into office — tolerates these people remaining in power, both in Congress and in GOP party leadership positions.   … Read more

What goes around, comes around: Boehner’s failed coup attempted against Newt Gingrich, when Gingrich was Speaker —

This is what needs to be done against Boehner, only successfully — and quick: In the summer of 1997 several House Republicans, who saw Speaker Newt Gingrich’s public image as a liability, attempted to replace him as Speaker. The attempted “coup” began July 9 with a meeting between Republican conference chairman Boehner and Republican leadership … Read more