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Idiots Three of the GOP

  In a time of crisis, it’s EASY to exploit an organization led by the clueless.   We will only have ourselves to blame for the coming disaster if we keep these three failures at the top of the GOP. Nice guys maybe (– maybe), but all in over their heads:     “This is … Read more

An Obama-zombie teacher who compared a student’s Romney t-shirt to KKK garb is now getting her ass sued off:

  This is how you do it folks. No big thing:   The family of a 16-year-old Philadelphia teenager who charges that her geometry teacher mocked her for wearing a Mitt Romney t-shirt has sued both the teacher and the school district for violating her First Amendment rights.   The teacher, Lynette Gaymon, allegedly told … Read more

Running out of liquor, fugazi Hillary Clinton finally recovers from a hangover and Benghazi flu:

Hillary *hic* Clinton to Return to Work Next Week as Secretary of Inebriation After barfing, being dehydrated and having fainting spells purportedly from Benghazi flu, fugazi¬† Secretary of Inebriation Clinton will resume her usual office schedule next week: Wednesdays through Thursdays, 1PM to 2PM.