Obama’s attack on rural America:

  Obama’s USDA chief: “Rural America becoming less relevant”   WASHINGTON (AP) — Obama’s Agriculture Secretary Tom Vilsack has some harsh words for rural America: It’s “becoming less and less relevant,” he says. A month after an election that Democrats won even as rural parts of the country voted overwhelmingly Republican, the former Democratic governor … Read more

Good news on the ‘get rid of Boehner’ front:

  The clueless, backstabbing ‘Jane’ Boehner can be removed from his position as House Squeaker if 16 Republicans do not vote for him in January, leaving her one vote shy of the number necessary to be re-elected. The American Majority Action is working toward that end. http://dailycaller.com/2012/12/07/group-looking-to-oust-boehner-targets-members-with-little-to-lose/   Support them: they’ve got balls and they’ve … Read more