Crises at the Kremlin

          Obama’s Asia team caught off guard, partying when North Korean missile launched:   Head of the Asia team:

Another school massacre

So America — — how’s that narcissism working for ya!   Connecticut school shooting: 26 killed, gunman dead,0,4678476.story   If you think the epitome of, and most dangerous manifestation of America’s cultural narcissism is a school massacre , it isn’t.   It is the election of this lunatic:   You’ll soon learn that — … Read more

Obama @#$%holes of the day: His Messengers to the Ignorant

  Official Messengers to the Ignorant of the Obama administration:   Michelle Obama opens her @#$%hole: Republicans are Liars; Republicans sought to win the election by spending “unprecedented amounts of money,” running negative advertising, and committing voter suppression. Michelle Suggests Republicans are Liars   Nancy Pelosi opens her @#$%hole: GOP for not caring about Kwanzaa … Read more

Obama intimate Harry Belefonte: The only thing left for Barack Obama to do is work like a third world dictator and put political opponents in jail   This symbol is not parody — nor is it an exaggeration anymore. Obama hasn’t even begun his second term, and his supporters are demanding fascism.   Still don’t believe it? Ask yourself this: Do you think Belefonte would have booked himself on Fox News have said what he did without having consulted with … Read more