Poll: Boehner now less popular than Pelosi!



Is there ANY reason to keep this cowardly, negligent backstabber as the GOP Squeaker (unless you’re a Democrat)?


So here’s ‘Plan A:’ for the sake of our country and our prospects in the 2014 elections, dumb this boozing jerk and quick — before Congress returns from recess and while little barry hussein suns himself in Hawaii for 20 days.
‘Plan B:’ vote in a warrior as GOP Speaker. Read: one of the military veteran Tea Party Congressmen swept into office in 2010 — versus the next talentless GOP hack who is ‘in line:’ that means the clueless Eric Cantor.
‘Plan C:’ A deservedly disgraced Boehner can now drink himself into oblivion, in a protracted bout of well-earned depression. (He can invite Hillary Clinton and have either a party or form an AA chapter.) The only good news for this guy: Obamacare does not apply to people in Congress or in a certain General Motors union. (By the way, is ANYBODY still comfortable with that patently corrupt, and laughably revealing arrangement?)


Boehner drinking