Remembering the Obama “czars” who advocated genocide to silence political opposition… — Remembering?? They’re still here!


You forgot about them, didn’t you!


Obama nazi swastika


Obama “czar” Mark Lloyd advocated mass murder of Americans for political gain:


Obama “czar” Mark Lloyd on using media for genocide and ‘social change’-Part2:


Obama “czar” Mark Lloyd to silence opposition speech-Part1:



And let’s not forget genocidal Obama “czar” John Holdren:


Can you imagine if that putz Romney brought this up during the election? And for what reason didn’t he?


Let’s never forget the lunatic who hired these other lunatics:

barack-obama with hitler moustache



And let us remember who the GOP House voted in as our bulwark against tyranny:



Boehner tired

We are NOT stuck with this guy. There is still time for the GOP to vote him out as Squeaker.