Sunday night wrap-up:

Newsweek editor gave a big-picture reason for the magazine’s failure: “[E]very piece of the Zeitgeist was against Newsweek”

(She forgot the bigger picture: “corruption.”)


NYPD Exploring Ways To Search Online For ‘Deranged’ Gunmen

NYPD Exploring Ways To Search Online For ‘Deranged’ Gunmen

In the age of Obama, that means you — if you oppose Obama.



NRA issues point-blank ‘no’ on gun control

Balls: the reason the NRA keeps thriving, and the GOP keeps failing.



Romney didn’t want to run for president, son says

Gee, what a shock.



Let’s work to make 2013 our year. It will take balls. But unlike the GOP hacks we’re going to throw out, we’ve got ’em.


Merry Christmas Eve Day everybody!

Lucy Pinder christmas2

-Have you been naughty or nice?