Today is a new day


Much like we admonish the “takers,” we’d be as big of a group of losers as they are if we failed to fight for what is ours — namely, our country and our way of life.

We cannot hide in a hole and deprive ourselves of what we worked so hard to achieve, and let the world around us fall flat on its face — it’s our world. Rather, we need to fight. We need to clean the House (literally), get a new GOP chairman, and work to get momentum back in our favor.

Enough already with the whining. Get back in gear — this is a new season. We own the GOP. Yes, we do. Take it back, and rev up our collective ‘whoop ass’ machine.

Break out of your funk already — our side has hit bottom. We do not need to dig any deeper. Rather, we need to start clawing our way back up.

Screw the media, screw the Democrats, screw the Occupy idiots — screw them all. There are 57 million of us. It is time to make non-negotiable demands of our representatives, or boot them out.

As job one, we MUST remove Boehner, Cantor and Preibus from their top posts in the GOP. We need to put old socks in the mouths of the likes of Karl Rove when they open them. These have  failed us, if not intentionally screwed us. 

Starve the GOP. And make sure you support conservative blogs: take some of the money you refuse to spend on the economy and give it to people doing the work the corrupt U.S. media won’t.