Flies have a thing for feces —- and, it seems, Obama. That does not portend well, given the symbolism of the fly:


Obama flies2


The fly has long been considered a bearer of evil or pestilence. In Catholic symbolism the fly is a symbol of sin. It sometimes appears in pictures of the Virgin and Child to convey the idea of sin and redemption. The fly as a bringer of disease was sometimes shown with the goldfinch, a ‘saviour-bird’ against the disease.



We don’t want to leave Michelle the Helmet-head out of this:

The hog is used to represent the demon of sensuality and gluttony. It is frequently shown as one of the attributes of St. Anthony Abbot, who is reputed to have vanquished this demon.



“Hey, what about me? — I’m @#$% too!”


h/t Nomenklatura-climber