Rube Goldberg/Benghazi Disease Strikes Secretary of Inebriation Hillary Clinton!



Rube Goldberg 3


Facing having to testify before Congress on her culpability in the murderous catastrophe in Benghazi, Hillary Clinton first suffered the Benghazi stomach flu, then a Benghazi fainting spell, then a Benghazi concussion and managed to avoid all scheduled Benghazi hearings.


Now, again having to face testifying before Congress on January 10th, Clinton announced she has has suffered from a Benghazi blood clot associated with her Benhghazi concussion caused by the Benghazi fainting spell resulting from the Benghazi stomach flu. Doctors will continue to assess Clinton’s condition, “including other (Benghazi) issues.”


However, her spokesman said Clinton is expected to be back at her shot glass desk on Monday, though what type of ‘Rube Goldberg/Benghazi ailment’ might strike her before she must testify on January 10th, remains speculation — though she is working on it. 



Hillary clinton in o2 mask edited

-Secretary of Inebriation Hillary Clinton, suffering “I don’t want to testify” syndrome.



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