A Boehner miracle!


A miracle! Boehner catches Hillary Clinton’s Benghazi disease: he throws up, passes out, falls on his head, gets a concussion, then a mystery blood clot blamed on the concussion (a blood clot cannot be caused by a concussion) — resulting in a miraculous personality transformation!


Now, says Boehner:

 “If the president continues to act like a clown, by God we’re going to treat him like a clown. For starters, the House will hold an emergency vote to cut funding for Air Force One, as well as White House discretionary spending. In addition, hearings will be held immediately to determine exactly how the Obamas spent $1.4 billion dollars of taxpayer money on themselves in 2012. This will be done, or my name is not John Boehner. This guy does not know who he’s messing with.”

Boehner angry



Or not.

Boehner Ewww