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What if we were playing baseball?

Published on December 26, 2012, by in Uncategorized.

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A lot of people are down in the dumps about the state of our country, as well as our prospects for our future. I think a baseball analogy would illustrative.


If we were playing a baseball game, right now we’d be in the bottom of the sixth or seventh inning – not the bottom of the ninth, like so many people believe – and we would be down by about 4 runs.


We would be playing against a franchise called The Democrats: an overrated team with overpaid players, with a lot of hype. The Democrats have won any pennants they have solely due to other teams’ pathetic errors made under pressure.


The GOP franchise is a  team that has as its starting pitcher John “Walk ‘em” Boehner. In the bullpen, they have Eric “Blind Man” Cantor. The team manager is Reince “Clueless” Priebus.


After considering the above, now consider this: this franchise owner is you and I.


Well, it seems we sure recruited some pretty bad players. We also got complacent during the season, and somehow believed these bums would come through for us. Well they didn’t. Sure, they seem to put on a good ‘show’ day to day. But when it comes down to it, they don’t have the stuff to win championships — even if the other team makes mistakes.


So the new Congress is coming up — just like the new baseball season is coming up. Any baseball team owner with brains enough to have made the money to buy a baseball franchise and who is stuck with players performing on the level of Boehner and Cantor would send them back to the minor leagues, and fire Priebus before the new season starts. If they didn’t, they’d have to be content to remain in the basement — and watch the value of their franchise sink just as low.


So remember: you are the team owner. Do you have brains enough to now do what needs to be done?

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