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Home Uncategorized Fox News: Organ Trafficking on the Rise in the United States:

Fox News: Organ Trafficking on the Rise in the United States:

Published on August 17, 2012, by in Uncategorized.

The main brokers of organs tend to be local organized crime groups and corrupt officials on the local level and doctors, independent transplant coordinators and transnational organized crime syndicates on the international stage.




“I sold one of my balls to buy four new tires for my Mercedes.

But it turned out I only got enough money to buy three.

So I had to sell my other nut. All this happened at a place near the Golden Gate Bridge.

So, as the old Tony Bennett song might say: ‘I Left My Balls In San Francisco.’

Perhaps this explains my behavior as the Squeaker of the House.”

-The ball-less Squeaker of the House, John Boehner



 “Well, you can call me a satisfied repeat customer! What a bargain — they were hardly used at all.  He must have really needed tires.”

-Dept. of Homeland Security head Janet Napolitano, now embroiled in a sex discrimination scandal in the department she heads.




Secretary of Home-Girl Security Janet Napolitano has been accused of sexual harassment and discrimination against employees.



“The claims are unfondled unfounded!”

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