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NY Times: Finally an admission and an explanation!

Published on August 26, 2012, by in Uncategorized.




In one sentence, the New York Times editor admits her corruption, gives her motive, and explains her stupidity:


“I (Times executive editor Jill Abramson) agree…that in covering some social and cultural issues, the Times…reflects its urban and cosmopolitan base.”





1.free from provincial attachments.




The comically stuck-up NY Times editor,

Jill Abramson:

“I’m free from you peons’ provisional attachments.

And I drink cosmopolitans. Plenty of them.”




Just who else but its ‘urban and cosmopolitan base’ of useful idiots buys this rag anymore?



An urbane cosmopolitan idiot speaks:

“I buy it! I subscribe, anyway. And, I’m a socialist! (I’m not sure what socialism means, but it sure sounds fun – for the rest of you, that is.)

Which paper is the New York Times again? The one with all the big pages?…

How come there’s no funny-page section?”

Urbane and cosmopolitan idiot, Elle Macpherson, ‘fashionable socialist:’


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