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Home Uncategorized “Obama can kiss my ass”

“Obama can kiss my ass”

Published on August 27, 2012, by in Uncategorized.


He can’t kiss mine. But if this brave soul Ray Gaster is willing…


(Lowbrow discourse? You bet. But this is the basement-level of political discourse our lunatic president and his equally deranged supporters have taken us. There are indeed times when it is appropriate for what is going around to come around. Welcome to one of those times. There will be many more before the left in this country is finally hoisted by their own retard petard.)


“What’s a petard?”
‘Retard’ I know — like those retard
bowlers in the Special Olympics.”

(Barack Obama, March 20, 2009: “I bowl like a retard.”





The Ray Gaster Sign – A Call To Action:














“Lowbrow, yes. But still sending a tingle up my leg, baby…”

-NBC hatchet-man and propagandist, and connoisseur of fine flesh Chris Mathews


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