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Biden, Amos & Andy

Published on August 15, 2012, by in Uncategorized.


Vice President Biden: “Attention all you colored peoples out dere: be careful dere, because dat Romney is gonna put y’all in chains! And it won’t be dem gold chains, like dat Mr. T has, or dem welfare chains, neither!  I gots to know a lot about da black man over time. In fact, I met my first black man when I was just eighteen years old, as I was reaching into my pocket to get my wallet and shook hands with him. But no need to thanks me now —  it is enough dat I knows I always has your infernal gratitude — and your vote!”

-Vice President of the United States, Joseph Biden



“Obama better get dat Hillary Clinton into Alcoholics Anonymous, and quick!”

– Race-baiter, anti-Semite, MSNBC host and Barack Obama-intimate, Al Sharpton




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