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One picture is worth a thousand words…

Published on May 1, 2012, by in Uncategorized.

Why is it so impossible to get facts through to certain people?


Perhaps this explains it in a nutshell:


“Fox New is biased! It is! Look, don’t argue with me — the story’s everywhere: on the news, NPR, PBS, it in the paper, it in a magazine, on the Huffington Post. I even heard Oprah talking about it. Are you one of those people getting your information from some right wing blog?  You’re crazy!


A corrupt news media coupled with a great many ignorant and indoctrinated citizens is a harbinger of very, very bad things to come.


It’s not even funny.













…maybe a little funny…



“He KILLS me!  HAS to be the funniest president yet.”

-Actor and political scholar, George Clooney



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