BREAKING: Crazy Elizabeth Warren Is Part Black, Too!

Not only is Harvard lunatic and Senate candidate Elizabeth Warren 1/320,000 American Indian (“Someone told me my grandmother had high cheek bones — and feathers!”).   But it turns out she is also part black:   “Someone told me my Aunt Shirley had rhythm!”   – A photo, purportedly of Elizabeth Warren’s Aunt Shirley at … Read more

Painting Sold for $119.9 Million US

Edvard Munch’s 1895 ‘The Scream’ sold for $119,900,000 US in record art auction “Sure, I’m glad I won. But you think for that kind of money, they would have thrown in a nicer frame.” -Comment by buyer   BUT– through a special offer with The Fine Report, our readers can download it for free! … Read more

Bad News for ‘Bark’ Obama

Remember when the American ‘news’ media said ‘Bark’ Obama was “God?” (video here, if necessary:)     Well, it’s offical: he’s been demoted! He’s now only Henry V!       MSNBC’s Matthews: Obama is “Henry V”    (Why can’t we come up with stuff this funny on our own??)   -The real … Read more