Al Sharpton: GOP Declare ‘War on Black People’ — Time To ‘Fire Back’   “Rememba — G.O.P. means, ‘Gots to Oppress People!’” – Race-baiter, anti-Semite and Barack Obama-intimate, Al Sharpton     “It’s da war on black peoples!” – “Excuse me?”     “And it’s da war on dem womens people!” “So that‘s the … Read more

Serial-Killer Ted Bundy, Among Others, Responds to TIME Cover

  Liberal periodical TIME Magazine, recent cover:       “It was exactly a dumb c-nt like that woman who turned me into the monster I was.  Exactly. Why don’t they put that on the cover?”   Executed serial killer, Theordore Bundy.  Bundy expressed a lifelong resentment toward his mother.         ….What?? … Read more


In our new feature, ‘Ask A Muslim!,‘ we asked American Muslim, Amir Abdel Ammar a question weighing heavily on the minds of many Americans:   TFR: “Which processor would you recommend on the new 21 inch iMac?”   AMMAR: “Depends on what you’re doing with it. If you’re an average user, the 2.5Ghz processor is … Read more

Obama “Finishes His Evolution”

The ‘American Evolution’ of 2012: “Give me a nostril, or give me death!”   The very latest “news” media propaganda for Barack Obama:  MSNBC, forwarding the Associated Press:   (TEXT IS VERBATIM:) “Obama has officially finished evolving. He now has a new position.  Until very recently, much of the betting was on Obama taking … Read more

Chicago Democrat Politicial Figure Arrested for Beating Her Daughter

-The suspect, Democrat Natalie Manley   The victim said she had come home and told her mother, Chicago Democrat political figure Natalie Manley, she had lost her phone. Manley then began to hit her daugher in the face with closed fists, kicked her about the body and struck her with a set of keys. … Read more

Britain’s ‘Obamacare’ Service: Don’t Say ‘Obese’   The British government wants health care workers to stop using the word ‘obese’ because it might offend fat people, according to new recommendations of the National Health Service, Britain’s equivalent of the newly enacted ‘Obamacare’ system in the United States.   Guidance sent to health officials warned that “the term ‘obesity’ may … Read more

Putin Cancels Meeting With Barack Obama   – Putin, at parade commemorating victory over America Germany.   Russian President Vladimir Putin is skipping a planned visit to the United States this month and a much-anticipated meeting with President Barack Obama, the White House announced Wednesday.   “Besides,” said Putin, “there are two things I never do: one, travel to meet … Read more