MSNBC Compares Ann Romney to Hitler and Stalin!

  First, it’s important to remember that NBC, as well as MSNBC are indirectly funded by our government, via its parent company, General Electric, through the cozy relationship of its CEO Jeffery Imelt with Barack Obama.   Second, the people saying what they said about Ann Romney aren’t simply stupid — they’re deranged, and are … Read more

Boehner Describes House Republicans as ‘218 Frogs in a Wheelbarrow’   And all 218 of them wish a toad named Boehner would croak.   (If this loser thinks we’re going to fight to take back Congress and let him remain in the position of House Speaker, he has another thing coming.)   “I can’t do anything right.”  This is True. “Speaking of which, do … Read more

N.C. High School Teacher Tells Student He Could Be Arrested for Talking Badly About Obama

  The indoctrination our children: (But some children are fighting back. Are you?)   The teacher is purported to be an idiot named Tanya Neely. The student, yet unnamed, is our hero.    The exchange (partial): Student: “Didn’t Obama bully somebody, though?” Teacher: “Not to my knowledge.” (The teacher is ignorant.) Student:  “If you’re … Read more

Another Leftist Big-Mouth Bombs on Jeopardy: NY Times’ resident Ignoramus Thomas Friedman!

  JEOPARDY: THE FINAL REMAINING UNCORRUPTED OLD-MEDIA SOURCE OF VETTING   IMAGINE THE ULTIMATE LEFTIST IGNORAMUS, BARACK OBAMA, ON JEOPARDY:   Obama: “‘Asia,’ for 100.”   Alex  Trebeck: “57”   Obama: “Uh, how many states there are in the U.S.?”   Alex Trebeck: “No, I’m sorry. Fifty-seven is the number of Islamic states. The actual … Read more