MSNBC Compares Ann Romney to Hitler and Stalin!


First, it’s important to remember that NBC, as well as MSNBC are indirectly funded by our government, via its parent company, General Electric, through the cozy relationship of its CEO Jeffery Imelt with Barack Obama.


Second, the people saying what they said about Ann Romney aren’t simply stupid — they’re deranged, and are expressing their own malignant feelings through their demonization of her. And these crazy people hold the highest offices in our government.



Still, you’ve got to admit the resemblance is uncanny:



Hitler: 60,000,000 people killed in the war he started; 6,000,000+ of his own citizens were murdered at his command.



Stalin: 60,000,000+ of his own citizens were murdered at his command.



Ann Romney: 5 children created at her command.

“I’m just going to have to get one of those snazzy uniforms and learn how to salute like those guys! (But I hope you don’t expect me to put on a fake moustache!)”




‘Barack Obama’ (whoever he is): re-elect him, and you’ll give him the Hitler/Stalin ‘flexibility’ he threatened to act upon (not realizing there was on an open microphone that recorded it) if he is re-elected . Don’t make this lunatic any more significant a part of American history than he unfortunately is.




“And please don’t anybody mention Obama’s insane preacher of 20 years, either. He might yell at me.”

-GOP House Speaker, John Boehner



“Roger that, John! Rest assured, the Dumbass Strategy of 2008′ will continue unabated. Everybody got that?!”

-US Presidential candidate, Mitt Romney