Another Leftist Scam: Global Sweetening!

Breaking Nooz From The Left:¬† Sugar Can Make You Dumb!¬†   Sugar can make you dumb, corrupt US scientists warn.¬†Researchers at the University of California Los Angeles (UCLA) fed two groups of rats a solution containing high-fructose corn syrup — a common ingredient in processed foods — as drinking water for six weeks. “We forced … Read more

Dog-eater Issues New Threat to Supreme Court over ObamaCare: “Lift your leg on Obamacare and I bite the old people!”

The first ‘gay-Jewish-blah-blah-blah’ President? How about The first dictator-President? (How about Elizabethh ‘Sitting Stupid‘ Warren is an Eskimo?)   It takes Fox News and the Canadian press to report this. American ‘newz‘ outlets bury it:   Barack Obama Issues New Threat to Supreme Court over ObamaCare -Not only eats dogs, but looking forward to well-seasoned … Read more