Bristol Palin: The Fine Report to your rescue!

  The left in the United States is scared sh-tless of this nice young lady and her mother. But this time around, their defamation won’t go unchallenged. Nor will their evil have its intended effect.   The Fine Report has come to your emotional rescue.     (“Oh no! Not them again!”) ‘Fraid so, you … Read more

GE’s NBC Hires Obama’s Speechwriter To Write White House Sit-Com: (“The Romneys?”)

The latest hatchet job from NBC (a government-financed and controlled media entity, via government contracts with its parent, General Electric):   A thinly-veiled stab at the Romney family: “1600 Penn” “1600 Penn” is described as a “Modern Family-type” sitcom     So how about this sit-com? It’d be a lot funnier — and … Read more

Hugo Chavez Returns Home After More Mutilation at Hands of Cuban Healthcare System Doctors

  Venezuelan President Hugo Chavez returned home Friday after 11 days of cancer treatment in Cuba, saying his latest round of radiation therapy was successful. “I still have some body parts,” said Chavez.  “Of course, I must rigorously follow the medical advice in these coming days in order to continue recuperating,” Chavez said. … Read more