The History of Nazi Death Camps, by President Spicoli

  “Hello, my fellow Kenyans. I mean, Americans. In the earlier part of this century (I guess about 2000 or so), there were death camps in certain countries. In these camps, they killed people. I’m not sure who they killed, but somebody got it. And then one day, camp was over and everybody went home. … Read more

Obama and the kid, continuing their argument

    Kid: “Okay Obama, if this really is your head and it’s not up your ass like my Dad says, then how come you just told everybody that the Nazi death camps were ‘Polish’ death camps — as if the Poles were killing people, not the Nazis?” Obama: “All right, enough already. What is … Read more

New Lyrics to Barbara Streisand’s first hit song, “People”

Barbara Steisand gives money to domestic terrorists?   “Huh? Who are you guys? Where am I?” -Sex symbol, Barbara Streisand     And a-one, and a-two and a-three and a-four —     People, People who blow-up people, Are my favorite people in the world. They’re children, malignant children, And yet letting a grown-up … Read more