The History of Nazi Death Camps, by President Spicoli


“Hello, my fellow Kenyans. I mean, Americans. In the earlier part of this century (I guess about 2000 or so), there were death camps in certain countries. In these camps, they killed people. I’m not sure who they killed, but somebody got it. And then one day, camp was over and everybody went home. In these camps, they had counselors and games and things. They’d start off the day with song and dance, and then arts and crafts. The better camps had swimming and water skiing. Lunch was always fun. After lunch, they’d play basketball. Then they’d go to dinner. After dinner, there’d be a dance or something. A lot of mischief went on in the barracks. like wedgies and things. How death fit into these places, or who got killed and for what reason, I don’t know. You’ll have to ask a Polish death camp counselor. Maybe certain people forgot to tip them at the end of the summer. I just don’t know. Until next time, my fellow Hawaiians.”

– Addled stoner, US president, Barack Hussein Obama (or whoever he really is).



Dope and Change 2012

 “I always took the high road. Something has to account for my pathological aloofness. In my case, it’s damage to my brain and my personality from pot use.”




“Dude, this guy’s a freak. I’m moving my millions — and my butt — to South American.”




Obama’s ignorance of the Nazi death camps::