Boehner Describes House Republicans as ‘218 Frogs in a Wheelbarrow’


And all 218 of them wish a toad named Boehner would croak.


(If this loser thinks we’re going to fight to take back Congress and let him remain in the position of House Speaker, he has another thing coming.)


“I can’t do anything right.”  This is True.

“Speaking of which, do not point out Obama’s 20 year involvement with his ‘God Damn America’ preacher, Jeremiah Wright. Someone might yell at me.”



House Speaker John Boehner on Sunday downplayed the supposed plan to resurrect Rev. Jeremiah Wright in an anti-Obama ad campaign, becoming the latest prominent Republican to knock down the proposal despite Democratic efforts to play it up.  Mitt Romney also condemned the ad.  Asked about the proposal Sunday on ABC’s “This Week,” Boehner said: “The issue is not Rev. Wright. The issue is the economy.”


The Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee, which is the campaign arm of House Democrats, is already using the scuttled plan to raise money, sending out a fundraising pitch calling the Wright proposal “race-baiting.” “This kind of nonsense shouldn’t happen,” Boehner said, when asked about the back-and-forth. “The election’s going to be about the economy.” House Democratic Leader Nancy Pelosi, though, stood by the DCCC fundraising pitch, saying she has “no regrets.”



 Crazy Nancy Pelosi Weighs In:


“Look, not that I want you people to win or anything, but it really is remarkable how dumb this guy is. So you say you won’t point out Obama’s lunatic reverend. So? — We’ll keep saying you did and the Democrat media will, too. And what happens to your stupid campaign if the economy picks up in the next 5 months? And what about the left saying you’re purposely sabotaging the economy to elect Romney? And what about people who vote for reasons other than on strict principles of money? I may be crazy, but I was never this stupid!”

-Crazy Nancy Pelosi, former House Speaker, booted out by voters in 2010 for being crazy, not stupid.