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Putin Cancels Meeting With Barack Obama

Published on May 10, 2012, by in Uncategorized.



– Putin, at parade commemorating victory over America Germany.


Russian President Vladimir Putin is skipping a planned visit to the United States this month and a much-anticipated meeting with President Barack Obama, the White House announced Wednesday.


“Besides,” said Putin, “there are two things I never do: one, travel to meet someone about to be booted out of office. And two, put myself in a position to shake hands with a nose-picker.”




-Actor Georege Clooney


Putin continued: “And you’ll notice I never met with Hillary Clinton either.  (So I hear your ‘news’ operatives hit her ‘reset button,’ and now she’s the ‘refreshing new image in politics.’ That was very funny, by the way. Even Defense Minister Serdyukov laughed!)”


The ‘refereshing new farce disgrace face in politics.



-Actor Georege Clooney

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