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Home Uncategorized Unemployment Rate ‘Drops’ — The Professor Weighs In

Unemployment Rate ‘Drops’ — The Professor Weighs In

Published on May 4, 2012, by in Uncategorized.

‘Lowering the unemployment rate by destroying the job market.’

 By Professor Allison D. Papalopolopolis.


Hey there!


Once again the jobs report is ‘worse than expected.’ Well, well, what a surprise. But somehow the unemployment rate released by the Obama administration today is ‘only 8.1%’. Yeah, right. That makes about as much sense racism causing global warming. These days, the unemployment rate is propaganda (a lie, let’s face it) blabbered by Barack Obama. The reason for this  ‘lower rate’ is that the less people who look for work, the lower the ‘unemployment rate’ will be. Duh! Now think about this: the number of people ‘leaving’ the labor force has just increased by 522,000. Of course the ‘unemployment rate’ is going to decrease if less people are looking for work and don’t report they can’t find a job! Double-duh!


So, to all you 88,000,000 Americans not working, I’ll say this: you really can vote yourself a job and a future  this November.  If you think things are bad now, wait until the full Obamacare taxes and regulations start kicking in right after the November election. (Pretty convenient, huh?)


Don’t trade your future and your childrens’ futures for  a free cell phone, food stamps and some marginal free health care. It’s a crappy deal, and you wouldn’t buy it at K-Mart, if they were crazy enough to sell it.


Heck, if this communist lunatic is re-elected, I’m moving to Canada. (Though hopefully that won’t be necessary, because if history is any judge Barack Obama is going to lose the presidential election by a landslide. Nonetheless, the damage he continues to do will take many, many years to correct.)


So gang, that concludes my thesis, ‘lowering the unemployment rate by destroying the job market.’ Until next time!


Last thing: I cannot find a very important purple sticky-note I put someplace, and I’ve been looking for it for weeks.  It’s driving me crazy. If you see it, please let me know, because if Obama is reelected, I won’t be able to move to Canada without it.



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