Latest media spin: “Hillary Clinton, barefaced and bespectacled, is a refreshing image in politics”


Maybe there are enough people ignorant enough to buy this:


The Washington Post gushes:


“But we aren’t accustomed to seeing female politicians and politicos without camera-ready makeup and, God forbid, showing wrinkles. In fact, how many pictures in glossy magazines have probably been airbrushed to make Hillary picture-perfect?


“While I’m a makeup addict, it’s refreshing to see Hillary fresh-faced. She looked like a schoolgirl in the picture – the Hillary from her granola college days at Wellesley. It was the look that won her few fans back in Arkansas in her days as the state’s first lady. After all, Southern women love their makeup, and Hillary wore little.


“As Hillary prepares to exit the high-wire of politics, are we finally seeing the real woman? It seems so.”


What, they never saw these ‘refreshing’ images?


-Yes, Hillary Clinton, the “refreshing new image in politics.”