BREAKING: Washington Post Publisher Katherine Weymouth worked as a prostitute* in college?


Katherine ‘Mouthwash’ Weymouth, booking photo, in her days as a prostitute, strung out on meth?*


– Weymouth’s newspaper recently published a false story about American poltitician, Mitt Romney, accusing him of physically abusing a person. The Washington Post has yet to apologize. (NOT PARODY)  If parody is ever in order, it’s now, isn’t it?  So, let’s do it!


‘Mouthwash’ Weymouth comes clean?*


“My pimp at the time – Fillmore —  shortened my name, and called me ‘Mouthwash.’ It was hard, disgusting work. Let’s tell it like it is: I was a whore. (After the Romney false hit-piece I published, some people are calling me a whore now!  Ironic, huh?) But when you got a drug habit, you have to pay for it, no matter how.  Coming clean now feels good to me — almost as good as it must feel to Jennifer Aniston when she’s scratching her crotch. And no more need to gargle 50 times a day. That, and publishing a newspaper. What more could a former b.j. queen and crackhead ask for? And, I get paid a lot, too.”*


– Today: clean and sober? Former b.j queen: “But sometimes I yearn for the past. So I’ll gargle here and there, just for old times sake.* These days, I get my ‘whore fix’ by further destroying what was once a great newspaper and selling out my country to blindly shill for a handful of corrupt politicians.”



“That is some funny stuff, boy!  That is what I call ‘parody!’ Keep it up, you guys , you’re doing important commentary — and slaying me at the same time Hey, isn’t this what Saturday Night Live is paying those sell-out a-holes they have on staff to do?”


-Actor George Clooney




*Retraction and apology to Weymouth: same as WAPO recently gave to Mitt Romney. And that’s a lot, from a humble website, to a giant international organ. (Steady ‘Mouthwash,’ don’t get excited — we don’t mean that kind of organ.)




Martin Luther King Jr.: “A lie cannot live.”