8-Year-Old’s ‘Dreams Were Crushed’ After Being Denied Entry to Obama Event


An eight-year-old Asperger sufferer’s dreams were crushed when she was denied entry into an Obama event in Colorado.


Little Adrianne Winkle has Asperger’s Syndrome, preventing her from ever having spoken in her life.


Her malady also causes her to be extremely sensitive to heat. Considering that, her mom and dad waited until 4 p.m. to show up to the event because the tickets said Obama would speak at 5:30, according to local reports. Said the girl’s mother, Wilma: “I thought, ‘what a great historic event to take my daughter to and she’ll remember it her whole life: our first Communist president.’ I wanted to instill in her our leftist values – but when we got there and they said, ‘nope sorry.’ No explanation, ‘you just can’t go in –you didn’t make those tickets.’  Well, the only good thing that came out of it, is that while Adrianne did get heat stroke, when she woke from her coma she spoke for the first in her life! So you can imagine our surprise when she blurted out, ‘What an a-hole that Obama is! And what a couple of a-holes you two are for dragging me out in the heat to listen to that bullsh-t!’ Unfortunately, she hasn’t spoken to us again, since. Though she has been trying to call Rush Limbaugh’s program every morning, since.”



” — And his wife’s fat and ugly, and she looks like she smells bad!  That’s it — I’m not speaking again until this guy is out of office, or I’m put up for adoption. Or both! The only ass-burgers in my family are my idiot parents! I hate Communism!”

Little Adrianne Winkle (identity protected)