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Cher Doesn’t Want to Breath Same Air as Romney

Published on May 8, 2012, by in Uncategorized.

Cher (real name, Rhoda Horowitz):


‘Doesn’t want to breathe the same air as Romney and his ‘racist homophobic women hating tea-bagger masters’



Rhoda, you won’t find anyone here forcing you to breathe.


-The face — and hair — of crazy.  If only wigs were brains…


Though we do have some other air we’d like you to breathe:


Dinosaur Farts May Have Warmed Ancient Earth





Fellow crazy hair person. Only this one had talent:

-Famed ‘Wall of Sound’ music producer, Phil Spector, shown wearing a Cher wig during his trial for murder. (He was convicted, and now resides in a California prison, where he is working on his new sound, the ‘Sound of Walls.’)



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